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Omni Medical Center

Welcome to Omni Medical Center

Urgent Care

For all you Urgent Needs

Not sure if it's a sprain or fracture? Let us help

Labs and Xrays on site

X rays and labs services are available

Work related Injury

Had a freak accident at work at home or at school? Let us help

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Urgent care vs Emergency room

It is advised that in the case of a true emergency that you call 911 and no urgent care facility is a substitute for a true emergency. Common issues requiring emergency room instead of urgent care would include, chest pain, sudden loss of breath, excessive bleeding etc.

What kind of Insurance do you accept?

We accept Medicare and Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans, if you are unsure please contact your insurance provider to verify if we are in network with your plan. 

Do you have an xray machine on site?

Yes we have a digital xray unit capable of producing same day reports and diagnosis, you can even leave with your images on a disc to be interpreted by your consulting physician (specialist)

Do you give out medications on site?

We often have samples of medications that are new to the market and may not have wide adoption, in other words they are FDA cleared but often are still expensive. We have coupon cards and other zero copay programs for you to take advantage of.

Surgeries and wound repair

We can performs wide range of procedure in office, including minor surgeries, moderate wound repair and wound care. Pre and post surgery instructions will be communicated via our mycareplan app,